Tech Support

For the most part, Contractors United operates pretty much like a Facebook website, however, we have installed modules that we believe will be most helpful to the community. We are always going to be upgrading and improving our platform and, therefore, understand that there are going to problems and things that need to be fixed along the way. Our goal is to make sure we keep the lines of communications open so that you can really take advantage of this powerful networking tool.

The best way to get support while you are working on the platform if you run into trouble is to use the "Feedback" tab to the right when logged into All information will be answered in the Support Forum so that others can benefit from your Feedback as well.

If you need help learning how to do something, or figuring out best practices, below are some short videos which explain how to do things. We will be building this library of videos as we have more questions on how to operate the website.

The website was designed to be intuitive and Facebook like to minimize any obstacles to starting up right away. But PLEASE, if you having any issues, PLEASE utilize the FEEDBACK button, OR message Brad Porter, Debbie DuBois or Chris Rose with questions. Thank you!

How to Videos